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Simplify  Google Apps Script library management using Google Sites and Google Drive. It is a server based internal solution, that works for container based Java Script too, where code is bound to spreadsheets or sites. Meant as a repository to provide overview and ease the team communication.

Ongoing monitoring of changes to the source code ... continue reading

Free and Open Source!

Log into your Google Account and follow Step 1+2 to
initialise your “projects” library, “source” site and “keys” spreadsheet. 
    1. Start the GAS Library App (see ✰    Secure Authorization Explained)

    2. click here to include your GAS libraries and run the “START_Monitoring” script .

The LibraryApp.projects template and the LibraryApp library are open source Step 1+2 will create and open your personnel copy of the template. Link to this project file and to your source site are sent to your inbox. The same happens for your keys spreadsheet, when included libraries require a category. The links for each step are listed below the Apply button in the right order.

Note! If you are using a Gmail Account instructions will be sent to your inbox to create a repository site manually. Automatic creation works for Google Apps accounts only (see "What's the difference ...")

Additional features require payment!

If you start the App after step 1+2 and click the Apply button you will be asked to purchase  additional features, that are based on the ongoing and free monitoring process:
  1. extract interface hints from structured parameters
  2. mark depreciated functions
  3. convert library project files to JS or PDF files for frequent offline backup
  4. mark functions that are derived, i.e. local to a library, but extending a class from an included library
  5. create a new source site, i.e. choose a name other than "source"
  6. code assist for library API's, i.e.  support for autocomplete in the editor that is part of the GAS IDE
Be aware of known issues! The application is still in Beta and consider reading Q&A 

Declarations will be marked as:

( global       derived       depreciated

Planed for future release:
  1. delete and move for depreciated functions
  2. tracking library dependencies
  3. adding libraries to multiple system sites, if the GAS community wants on a common pool for public libraries
External SCCS solutions would be GAS Manager or Chrome Extension based on Importing and Exporting Projects, for those who prefer working with a client based Integrated Development Environment IDE using platforms like Eclipse or Aptana.