With Google Account

There are to kinds of accounts, free with 1 hour compute time plus a 100 outgoing e-mails per day and Google Apps for Work with 6 hours compute time plus 1.500 e-mails per day.

For free accounts the email address must be ...@
gmail.de, ....@gmail.com or ...@googlemail.com, no alternative address!

If you set up a Google Apps for Work Konto on your own, make sure the domain is not in use, e.g. for your email or website.
Google Apps for Work simplifies daily work because telephony, videoconferencing, file management, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, photo albums, audio/video streaming and personal website. Corporations are using this platform for years, because it is more productive, secure and economic.

Starting with Google Apps is easy, because all relevant file-formats are available mobile and on desktop, i.e. most Microsoft Office files can be edited as well. And important apps will work online as well as offline.

The digital assistant works in 44+ languages and is a pure Apps Script development. Therefore the Google Apps Script Quotas i.e. limitations apply.

free account 
( sufficient for testing )
Google Apps for Work
( recommended )
 Werbung next to your inbox   Yes  No
 Google Drive Speicher
 ( expandable )
 15 GB  30 GB
 Own Domain  No  Yes

 Mail processing   

every 5 mintes

once per minute

 Analyse folders

 20 focus-team members, every 60 minutes

 100 focus-team members, every 5 minutes

 LOS-Map import

up to 500 partners, one group,
ones per day

  over 500 partners, multiple groups,
a few times per day
max approx 20.000 records

 Incoming mails per day



 Outgoing mails per day



 Smales timer delay

15 minutes

10 minutes

 Timer accuracy

plus 5-10 minutes

plus 2-5 minutes