PROFI Service with Google Apps account
    • Target focus on a daily basis
    • New partners more quickly
    • LOS communication without crossline
    • Teamwork online
Just write an email or store a file and the assistant serves you with
    • reminders, 
    • notes, 
    • lists, 
    • contacts
    • email distribution lists
    • number of participants
    • group charts
    • filing folders
    • sharing of information with qualified recipients, lines or groups
    • handling unsubscribe requests of the recipients 
Easy to duplicate. 
Follows the system priciples without compromise. 
Future-proof and reliable. 

Start and enable services according to Your needs

  1. PLUS Service  starts the virtual assistant.
  2. Using the contact list enables BASIC Service.
  3. LOS data import enables PROFI Service.

People use the Assistant and say

It seemed to be complicated in the beginning. Now I realize more an more how awsome the service is. The capabilities of the app are tremendous and really an asset. 

The messages are looking good,  I quickly know what is important to me.

By sharing our spreadsheets with each other, we see what has been achieved together. 

It is helpful to me, because I can see faster where to act. Previously I have missed some details, because it was to much work to create such an accurate group chart. 

I don't have to stay online to analyse and edit the data or focus on specific groups. Editing the online list of the supplier is not possible. But the assistant imports the list and it becomes a tool that I can use strategically for building the business, because I can edit information that provides a clearer picture for me, a group diagram.

The development team provides rapid and good support for the service.

I can make more objective decisions because I can see who has made new contacts. And what I do for my partners becomes transparent to them. That is motivating and our results have improved by that. 

Searching and sorting works faster with the online list. I is easier for me to accept help because of immediate feedback, that encourages to stay tuned. 

The assistant saves battery, doesn't need storage on the device and continues to work when the device is switched off.

It looks great, especially the visualization. We can take out many info. Sharing info is quicker. Getting info out into the team is more comfortable, because updates are collected over time and send as a single message. Less messages require less attention.